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"i allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed possible."


Wealth Embodied is an 8 week container that will support you in activating your wealth DNA, taking your power back, owning your confidence, and creating the liberated life you’ve been dreaming of by receiving the tools, shifts and codes to truly embody the wealthy woman within.


Who it's for...

The Wealth Embodied woman desires to be free of any reservations and to step into the financial power she has within. 

The Wealth Embodied woman is ready to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to money. She’s ready to expand and grow into the woman who logs into her bank accounts without fear and gets on the phone when the CPA asks to speak with the person in charge of the household finances. 

She’s ready to command her present and future money by getting out of her head and deep into her body so she can build the life of her dreams.

The Wealth Embodied woman is ready to get her financial shit together and become the Queen with how she receives, handles & organizes her money so she can constantly call in more of it.



Imagine how it will feel when ...

You’re at a restaurant and instead of picking a meal by the price like you normally would, you pick what your heart desires to eat.  You smile big when the wait staff comes around and you order the fanciest dish on the menu topping it off with a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  You no longer pause and think because you know your worth and celebrate it daily.

A payment lands in your bank account and for the first time ever you know exactly where your money is going. The bills are paid, your savings is growing and you’ve set yourself up with investments for the future. Not only that, but you’ve got money to play with. Money feels effortless and it turns you on. 

You receive a ping and look down at your phone. A DM has just landed in your inbox and you open it up. It reads “Thank you for owning your financial power and shining your light. You’ve given me full permission to show up and I’ve never felt more confident in who I am.” In this moment you realize just how good you feel in your own body and know you can accomplish anything with this power.

you are just one decision away from a wealth embodied life

wealth embodied

You get three activations every month


Video Masterclass

Get ready to receive all the tools, shifts, codes and activations necessary to completely embody wealth. These calls are meant to be watched and re-watched as many times as you desire so being on them live does not need to be a priority. We meet 6 times over 8 weeks.

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WhatsAPP private chat

This is something Gwen is offering for the first time with a group. This chat will likely be one of the most powerful parts of Wealth Embodied. Imagine connecting with your sisters who are vibrating at such an intense energy that you upgrade yours because of it. Gwen will pop in here with the exact audio or text transmissions required for you to raise your frequency, help you remember and celebrate the journey with you.


Embodiment practices

These will be led by Gwen and guests to help you fully integrate the frequency of wealth in your body. These practices will open you up to receive bigger than ever before. This is where you drop into your body and out of your head and truly take ON the frequency of wealth you desire.

When you reprogram your inner world to hold the frequency of money, legacy and wealth are your only options.