POV: you know who the f*ck you are, you’re dripping in trust & self-confidence, and you’re serving your soul-aligned clients while expanding your impact and your income. You’re UNSTOPPABLE…

how’s it feel?

champagne bubbles

if you said​

“liberating”, “fun”, “sexy”,
or “like the bubbles that dance on your tongue with that first sip of champagne”…I agree!

But let me guess…

even with all the tools you’ve paid for, the selling + launching strategies you’ve amassed, the bookshelf of business books you’ve read, and showing up consistently

your business still isn’t feeling

liberating, fun, or sexy. 

Here’s the truth:

So many leaders are wanting to be seen, but haven’t taken the time to truly see themselves.

UNSTOPPABLE is a 6-week container that will support you with connecting to your inner wisdom and divine feminine energyowning your personal power like a boss, becoming magnetic, and receiving the tools, shifts, and codes to create an abundant business that is an absolute turn-on. 

who am i

Who it's for:

The UNSTOPPABLE woman has done the mindset work and practiced visualizing her future, but knows she’s meant to claim and receive more. She’s been searching for a container that will call her UP.

She now realizes that she’s ready to become the empowered leader she desires to be and that it’s her responsibility to lead herself confidently, show up authentically, and step into the unknown.

The UNSTOPPABLE woman is ready to finally embody the version of herself she sees in her dreams. She’s ready to activate and see how this embodiment of her truest and purest self is going to allow her to become the magnet for everything she wants: aligned clients, money, success, and confidence.

oracle deck

Imagine how it will feel when...

⇒ you wake up every day with business ideas and social media content in constant flow. Like someone opened up the tap and you get free refills for life. You no longer need to time block for creation, instead you go out and live your life and the ideas just come. Every now and then you stop to jot something down in your notes section on your phone or send yourself a voice note to save for later. And then, when you’re ready to put fingers to keyboard, aligned af content flows out.

⇒ your inbox is filled with messages like “your energy is contagious. You’ve given me permission to follow my souls calling and execute my wildest dreams. 


it's time to shine...

girls retreat

It's time to Reclaim Your Power

We live in a world where we were taught that in order to be successful, we had to hustle and follow a strict strategy to arrive at something that would give us the time & financial freedom we’ve been searching for.

Well, Queen, I have a feeling you’re ready to step outside of this restricting box and come back home to you and your divinely guided truth.

You feel the call to dig deeper and peel back the layers you’re hiding under. The ones you built to protect you that you now realize have actually been keeping you small.

Shine; the experience is the place where you get to shed the layers, truly see yourself and allow others to see you as the powerful Queen that you are.

Expect to feel rejuvenated and free to shine your unique light as you leave behind the old you, and step into your new, liberated self.

You are ready to open up, take up space, and reclaim your power. It’s your time to SHINE.

Throughout the experience you will be taken through a three-step process in order to truly shine: 

girls retreat


to release old beliefs

In our lives we have unintentionally adopted beliefs that are not for our highest good. These beliefs have been taught, passed down, or simply observed in our world and they are holding us back from our full potential.

Together, we get to work on identifying and shedding these beliefs for good so that we can create space for infinite growth and open ourselves up to a happier, more fulfilled life + business.


to reclaim your power

No one else can do what you do. Your ideas are unique, your leadership magical and your impact abundant.

Reclaiming your power means that you get to remember who you are deep down inside, define your values, and gather the tools and lessons you have amassed along the way to reconnect with your internal life force that is your North Star.

You get to learn to love every single part of you, take ownership of your ambitions and goals, and write your own destiny.


to lead from your highest self

We do not question what we get to do or how we lead because we are deeply connected to our mission and our message. 

We are writing our own rules, confident AF in the woman we are, and completely turned on by everything that we do.

From this space, we have more fun and when we have more fun, money flows effortlessly in. Leading from your highest self is creating the path of least resistance to everything that we desire and damn, that feels delicious.

women retreat
lauren bodwell

sample schedule


9:30 – 10:00 am – arrive + snacks + mingle
Enjoy coffee and local snacks while meeting and connecting with Shine attendees.


10:00 – 11:00 am – exploration + declaration


11:00 – 12:00 am – workshop with Guinevere


12:00 – 1:00 pm – lunch
Enjoy a nourishing and wholesome lunch inside or take a walk around the farm to explore and ground yourself in the beautiful farm surroundings. Connect to share breakthroughs and takeaways.


1:00 – 2:00 pm – workshop with Guinevere


2:00 – 3:00 pm – headshots + farewells
Joined by the fabulous Brand Photographer Lauren Bodwell, you’ll receive professional headshots to capture your newly liberated self.

Choose your experience...

Join the experience from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm which includes all food, workshops, and professional headshots.

VIP upgrade

Join the experience from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm which includes all food, workshops, and professional headshots PLUS upgrade your experience with two, 1-1, 60-minute coaching calls to dive deep into your business. 

first call will take place before the retreat allowing you to get a head start on shedding old beliefs and patterns no longer serving you.

Your second call will take place after the retreat so that we can guide you with specific actionable steps to take in the following weeks to be sure you are leading from your highest and newly liberated self.

It's time to step into your

Personal Power Magnetism Financial freedom Unstoppableness