POV: you know who the f*ck you are, your message is super-duper clear and you’re insanely energized by your business. You’re leading soul-aligned clients while expanding your income and your impact. You’re UNSTOPPABLE…

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Are you ready to

step into your most powerfully, liberated self with full-out “f*ck yes!” confidence and create a business that is

liberating, fun, and a complete turn-on?

You’re in the right place.


I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who are just so tired of playing small. 

They tell me “I know I have value to bring to the world but it just feels so hard to create momentum in my business” and “It feels like I’m doing all the things and consistently showing up, but no one is buying.” 

Can you relate?

If so, UNSTOPPABLE is designed for you. 

In this 6-week program, I will help you go from uncertain to purposefully powerful 

You will:

  • understand the energetics of business
  • know how to create a clear & recognizable brand
  • unlock your abundance codes
  • become insanely energized by your business
  • know how to confidently lead yourself and others 
  • create unstoppable momentum
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Who it's for:

The UNSTOPPABLE woman has done the mindset work and practiced visualizing her future, but knows she’s meant to claim and receive more. She’s been searching for a container that will call her UP.

She now realizes that she’s ready to become the empowered leader she desires to be and its her responsibility to own her magic.

The UNSTOPPABLE woman is ready to finally embody the version of herself she sees in her dreams. She’s ready to activate and see how this embodiment of her truest and purest self is going to allow her to become the magnet for everything she wants: confidence, momentum, aligned clients, and success.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Gwen on several occasions, and I can honestly say that she is one of the most inspiring and empowering coaches out there. Her ability to help people stand in their power and lead with confidence is truly remarkable, and I have seen significant improvements in my personal and professional life as a result of her guidance."
Tracy F.
Social Sales
"Before working with Gwen, I struggled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence. But her compassionate and supportive approach has helped me to overcome my fears and insecurities, and has allowed me to step into my power and lead with trust and authenticity. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants to grow their business and love their life.
Diana S.
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I can do this because...

I’ve been where you are…and I know what it really takes to stand in my power and lead.

Not so long ago, I was working for a boss who reduced my salary and didn’t value me as a person. I was made to feel like I didn’t bring much to the table when I knew I had a sh*t ton to offer the world. 

It was here that I realized I couldn’t count on anyone else to make me feel a certain way, it was up to me to create it. So I set off to build my own business where I eventually left my office job to come home to work for myself. 

Today we are celebrating a stand out, recognizable brand, features in GOSS Magazine, NH Magazine, Yahoo Finance and more, being asked to speak on stages to share my wisdom and most importantly, complete confidence in who I am and the liberation that comes from standing in my power.

In addition to my personal experience, I have 8 years of coaching and leadership experience, a unique and expansive knowledge of frequency + energy, and a deep desire to help women ditch the checklist, and create the most epic life + business.


it's time to become unstoppable

it's time to become unstoppable


  • unpack your past
  • act of receiving
  • abundance codes
  • creating non-negotiables
  • practices for self growth


embodying the
  • nervous system regulation
  • improve your threshold + hold the power
  • money management
  • energetic practices


leading others

  • creating content
  • how to show up on social
  • being of value
  • investing
  • self-awareness


creativity + Innovation
  • find your golden thread
  • physical + energetic brand
  • what to post
  • becoming magnetic
  • circumstantial vs. personal power

imagine how it will feel...

to know without a doubt that the actions you’re taking every day in your business are creating massive momentum…

to wake up each morning feeling excited and energized by your business…

to no longer struggle with what to say or post to attract aligned clients to you…

to feel unstoppable 



Is this program for me if my business is brand new?

This program is for you desire to create momentum in your biz whether you are brand new or have an established business. You will be able to implement everything regardless of how long you’ve been running your business.

When and how will the calls take place, and what if I can’t make it live?

We will be meeting weekly inside the FB group LIVE, with access to recordings immediately. Dates and times will be emailed out shortly but we begin on April 3, 2023 meeting every Monday for 6 weeks.

What is the format of the trainings?

This is a LIVE group training so any questions that arise during our calls will be answered live. Community is a huge part of this program,  you will learn so much from other people’s questions and integration work posted in the group. 

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this program, refunds and returns are not possible. Of course, we are human and understand things happen that are unavoidable, so please reach out with questions.

Are you ready to start making momentum a