SHIFT is a 3-day masterclass that will support you in becoming the dominatrix of your desires, unapologetically taking up more space, speaking the language of your body and becoming open to receive it all. 

You’ll receive the tools and codes to shift into creating a life of more wealth, freedom and absolute liberation.

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Who it's for

This masterclass is for the woman who knows theres more out there for her. She has done the mindset work, she’s read the books, and maybe even hired the coach for strategy help. But she can’t help but feel like something is missing. 

She knows she’s a total queen ready to truly be seen in the world for all that she is, which means standing in her power and owning her truth. She desires for everything in her life + business to be a total turn on and she’s been searching for a container to call her UP.

She now realizes there’s a simple shift to creating the wealth she desires and she’s ready to finally move through life with her head held high, her shoulders back and owning all that she is.


imagine how it will feel when.....


You launch a program, course, or container and you fill it up immediately. Clients come to you asking for the link and they don’t hesitate to invest. They know what they want because you know what you want. Every offer you create turns you on because you’re so tapped into your body and you lead with full out passion. As the clients keep rolling in, and along with that the money, you lean back and say “I knew they would” because you’re aligned AF and everything you create is aligned AF too.

When you go shopping for new clothes and you let the feeling of the clothes inspire you to buy rather than the price tag. Your wardrobe is filled only with things that you love and getting dressed is so much fun every day. Your outfits are an outward expression of how you feel inside and you only buy what feels like a “Fuck yes!” because that’s the type of life you lead.

When opportunities are flowing in to you and you get to choose with complete confidence where to show up and shine. You walk into every room with your head held high, shoulders back and people are constantly telling you that you have this glow about you. You no longer question what’s next because you know how to master the SHIFT.



The Details

Currently $444
3 days together
November 7 @ 11am ET
November 8 @ 11am ET
November 9 @ 12pm ET