This 8 module, self-paced program is for the woman who wants to operate with money in a more feminine embodied way

because she realizes that money isn’t just paying off debt, saving and investing. 

If it were, she would have mastered it already.

What she wants is to call in money with ease AND feel safe.

She wants structure AND the creativity of the flow in divine feminine. 

She desires to feel sexy and fun both when money comes in AND as she spends it.

Because the truth is, money gets to be a beautiful balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. 

And this is the program where we embody all of that.

In ‘Money, baby!’ you get to rise into the woman you desire to be with money in a powerful and fun way.

Throughout this program you’ll learn how to release the money blocks holding you back from feeling alive, empowered and excited when it comes to money.

You’ll walk away with complete clarity and a solid financial fortress in place.

You’ll also be uncovering:

clarity on what comes in and out no matter if it’s regular pay or irregular pay

how to clear any debt quickly. 

How to consciously spend your money.

how to figure out exactly how much you’ll need to retire.

different types of investment accounts.

how to decide what types of investments you want to make. 

how to automate everything keep track of what you have.

No stress. No overwhelm. And no sketchy financial advisors. The only tool you’ll need is income.

If you know you’ve been craving more fluidity, more flexibility and more ease within your body when it comes to money, then I invite you in.