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Mentor. Speaker. Author. Liberation Coach 


Meet the wise, Uncensored and powerful woman, Dr. Guinevere Stasio. Guinevere is a life & business liberation coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, past competitive gymnast, and recovering checklist obsessed, people-pleasing control freak.


After realizing that she had been living life helping other people achieve their dreams, she discovered entrepreneurship and became obsessed with finding freedom. But the journey wasn’t all magic and unicorns.


Adrenal fatigue, salary reduction, debt and navigating life as a new mom provided some powerful lessons she never asked for (but definitely needed). Utilizing her unique and expansive knowledge of frequency combined with a new desire to lead a life of Big Queen energy, she began exploring what truly turned her on.


Guinevere was able to unlock the portal to creating a vibrant, fun and aligned life + business. She believes her purpose here on earth is to show women how to ditch the checklist, stop giving a f*ck about what anyone else thinks and go out and create the most epic, uncensored life.

I believe in you.

I believe that every single woman has the same power to access wealth and create the life of their dreams.

I believe that we are born with a purpose ON purpose.

I believe women are powerful and that we are meant to have massive amounts of money so we can create massive impact in the world.

This is what I believe and help YOU embody in the work we do together.

In other words, I help you become a mirror for exactly what you desire in your life and then take action.

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