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less giving a f*ck, more owning your power

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Ready to write a new truth?

the one that says we can stand in our feminine power AND

be wildly successful.

the one where we shatter glass ceilings

just by becoming our highest self.

the one that says we can make massive amounts of $

and raise babies at the same time.

together we put a stake in the ground

it’s your time to own your power


hi, I'm


I am a life-long learner, pivot master, and thought leader in liberation for women. I began flirting with living life MY way when my salary was reduced without warning and I was left to “figure it out”.

This led me to build my first successful business where I discovered that designing the life you desire is your birthright and totally possible for every single human.

Now I help women go from feeling stuck and unsure of their direction to remembering who they are and stepping into their highest selves so they can:

play bigger
create legacy wealth
and do epic fucking shit.

It’s so much more than a mindset, it’s a lifestyle. And you get to become the woman you desire to be so you can live a big, epic, UNCENSORED life.

What Our Empowered women say about working with us

Gwen is an absolute powerhouse and her energy is contagious. I love everything about Gwen and I am so grateful for the ability to not only understand money better, but to actually have fun with it. I can’t wait to be able to work with her more.

Martina W.

I was embarrassed to admit that I did not have my s**t together. Working with Gwen made me realize that my thoughts around money were not my own. Gwen made me change the way I view wealth. Life is so much less stressful now.

Terri M.

We are feeling much more confident and more in tune with our goals for life + business than ever before!

Alicia D.

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